Outside of the True Style Journey online course, I work 1-2-1 with a small number of purpose-led clients to elevate their personal image and catalyse their goals through authentic style alignment. Work is tailored to individual needs but can include, regular wardrobe planning, seasonal sourcing of new pieces and styling outfits.

For clients committed to sharing their skills and message more widely, I organise shoots and style and art direct photographic and video content to align their public image with the important work they do. Have a look at my services below and book a free call to discuss your needs.


If you’re new to me and the way I work, the best place to start is to book in a free 15-minute discovery Zoom call below. We can chat about where you’re at and I can point you in the right direction whether that’s to start with a self-led e-course, join a small group True Style Journey or work with me 1-2-1. 

If you're an existing or lapsed client then get in touch or book a Zoom call below to catch up. It's quick and easy to do.

My Services


Here's an overview of my individual services and below them you'll find buttons to book your session in my calendar or organise a chat over Zoom.

True Style Journey

The True Style Journey is a 6-week group e-course (maximum 10 places) to empower women through style confidence. 

We use video tutorials, online resources, worksheets, weekly live group calls via Zoom and a private FaceBook group.

Everyone gets my personal advice, feedback and recommendations each week. The group forms an intimate close-knit 'sharing circle' over the 6 weeks.

To find out more check out my Courses page here.

Image Consultation

I provide expert analysis and recommendations to create a style that flatters, fits your life and expresses your True Style in an authentic way. This includes:

  • Identifying your True Style and how best to express it through your image
  • Colour analysis and colour swatch wallet
  • Advice on choosing the right fabrics, cuts, scale and detailing for you
  • Hair and make-up advice and accessorising

All initial image consultations are done remotely using photographs, questionnaire and guided mood board process. I find this provides a deeper, more focussed, insightful and thorough analysis than meeting in person. The reason behind this and the crux of my success as a stylist and style mentor is that, as an empath, I can intuit more information with greater accuracy in quiet contemplation of your moodboards, words and photos, than by working at the conscious level of 1-2-1 meeting. Sounds weird, but works.

Wardrobe Edit & Planning

Successful shopping is all down to careful planning.

I curate a list of recommended items to create your perfect capsule wardrobe. I work on the premise of buying less, but better, so items mix and match easily to cover all your needs. I favour ethical and sustainable brands and sources. You set your budget. I figure out how.

Most wardrobe planning is done remotely, but home visits for a periodical thorough wardrobe detox & plan can be arranged.

Online Shopping

The reveal! I source everything you need for the season ahead, shopping online and with a preference for sustainable options, introducing you to new brands and retailers you’ll love. Browse your recommended items on Pinterest and click through to place your orders.


Online shopping definitely affords more choice, better price options and is more time effective than shopping personally in-store. Many deliveries and returns are free, allowing you an average 28 days to mull over your purchases at home before deciding what to keep or return.


When deliveries arrive and you’ve tried items on at home, we follow up via Whats App photo sharing and Zoom video call to style your ‘keepers’ into inspiring new outfits. I screen-grab each look, providing saveable photos for inspiration when dressing.

Styling works well online, but even better in person. A mix of online interspersed with periodical home is a rote my clients often choose.

Personal shopping & styling in your home country is available on request.

Styling for Shoots

Image plays a huge part is which messages and people get heard and which go ignored. I am committed to using my skills as a stylist and image consultant to make sure conscious change-makers get the attention they deserve, to make the difference they are here to make.

My expert understanding of how visual communication works teamed with my skills as a stylist and empath, mean I can style and art direct your photographic shoots and video content to ensure your visuals really work for you and your target audience.