True Style Journey with Leesa Whisker

Starting February 2023

Feel more confident, more beautiful and more you.

You’d love to look in the mirror and feel good about your reflection. But your current style leaves you feeling deflated, uninspired and more than a little bit lost.

Maybe your life, your body, or your career has changed, but your clothes are still stuck in the past. Perhaps you’re not even sure what suits you anymore.

You’re tired of making do. You want to embrace life feeling like the beautiful, empowered woman you know you could be...

You’re ready to take your True Style Journey

Embodying the Woman You Are Inside

The clothes we wear are a powerful, creative expression of who we are. But so many of us are stuck settling for a style that doesn’t express our inner self.

Does any of this feel like you?

▶︎ You’ve lost confidence in your appearance. You want to look in the mirror and feel really good about yourself. But your current style is holding you back from being more visible and doing the things you want to do. 

▶︎ You don’t know what suits you anymore. You can see that your life and your body have changed, but your wardrobe hasn't caught up and you don't know how to put that right. 

▶︎ You’re tired of playing it safe. You’re ready to be the kind of woman who feels free to express herself and have fun with the way she dresses – but you’re terrified you’ll get it really wrong.

▶︎ You’ve had it with impulse buying. You’d love a more minimal, sustainable wardrobe. But you come home from shopping trips with clothes that don’t work, don’t suit or don’t fit.

▶︎ Your wardrobe is full of clothes you never wear. You would love to just start again – but it feels hard to let go of the past that these old clothes represent. 

▶︎ You’re ready to embody possibility. You are feeling called to start doing, seeing and living life very, very differently. And you want to express that in the way you dress. You’d love some support and guidance to help you get there.

Embracing Change

True transformation means evolving and moving forwards. Rather than trying to get back to what was. 

Here’s where you get to stop looking behind you – wishing you could slim back into those trousers or trying to recreate that old look from a past life.

Here’s where you choose, instead, to journey forwards.

To fall in love with your deeper self, to embody your own sense of wholeness and to dress as the brilliant woman you are today.


An online 5 month programme that will help you:

✓ Love the woman you see in the mirror. Know EXACTLY what to wear and feel amazing in whatever you put on. 

✓ Transform your confidence and sense of self. Feel really good about both the way you dress and who you are.

✓ Feel more beautiful. Learn to connect to your deeper beauty and feel amazing in your new style.

✓ Be kinder to yourself. See yourself with kind and loving eyes and grow your self compassion. 

✓ Let go of the clothes (and other stuff) that no longer suit or fit who you are today. 

✓ Save money on clothes shopping. Spend less and go shopping less often, being more considered and conscious about what you bring into your wardrobe and your life.

✓ Create lots of beautiful space in your life for the things that bring you joy. And fiercely protect that space from other people’s agendas. 

✓ Tap into what you really want out of life. Embodying this, not just in your style, but in every other aspect of how you live. 

✓ Feel excited again and full of possibility about the new life ahead of you.

✓ Rediscover the pleasure, creativity and fun in dressing and styling yourself.

What True Style Journey Members are Saying

When it comes to style, there are 5 things I'd love you to know...


1 - You don’t need to wait. You are the perfect size and shape to love your style right now.

You don’t need to put this off. You can express your true style and feel beautiful in the body you're in now. Your personal guidance will be no different if your size changes in the future. These are your tools for life. And you may well find that this journey catalyses any changes you’d like to make. But please don't put off loving yourself because of your dress size. True Style Journey will work for you exactly as you are.

2 - Embodying your true style goes way deeper than just looking good

When we can feel good about how we look, it spills over into all the other areas of our lives. In how we show up, in having our photos taken, in saying yes to nights out, and giving our all at interviews. This isn’t just about looking good for appearance’s sake (although there’s nothing wrong with that). It’s also about feeling good in our skin so that we can live our lives to the fullest. 

3 - Investing in yourself benefits everyone 

As women we often put ourselves last and take care of everyone else first. But we need to look after ourselves too. This is your opportunity to take some nourishing, loving time for you – that’s so needed with everything this past year has thrown at us. You deserve this opportunity to reconnect with yourself and to recharge in a nurturing sisterhood with other women on the same journey. 

4 - Transforming your style will save you money.

Once you understand your true style, you’ll need to shop less often and spend less money. Creating your new style doesn’t have to be expensive. I’ll show you how to transform your look with just 5 new pieces. My focus is very much on sustainability, helping you source brilliant preloved items for your wardrobe and making better use of what you’ve already got.

5 - Now is exactly the right time for your transformation.

This is a journey to be taken while you are IN the process of change, while everything is up in the air, so you can navigate these changes empowered and supported by your peers. Take this opportunity for deep transformation to vision into how you want to feel and who you want to BE for this next chapter in your life. You’ll find that adding more play, self care and creativity into your life will help you to be more resilient and positive as we navigate these times of change.

Hi, I'm Leesa Whisker

I’ve been a personal stylist, image consultant and style-empowerment coach for 20 years.

And I’ve been featured in Vogue, Harper’s Bazaar, The Times and BBC. 

My work has given me a deep understanding of image and the power it has to change our own and other people's perceptions of us. 

I’m also a woman who has taken this same journey you’re about to embark on.

Like many women, I’ve had to rebuild my own confidence and style following career & lifestyle changes.

For me, these were depression, motherhood, weight gain and weight loss, starting life in a new country and entering menopause. For you, the challenges might be different. 

Leesa Whisker's True Style Journey
Leesa Whisker's True Style Journey

But please know that I understand what it’s like to search for meaning and purpose after a big change.

That’s why I love this work and why I love supporting other women in it.

Working with me, you’ll get the benefit of my 20 years’ image and style expertise. I’ll teach you everything you need to know about owning and evolving your image. 

And we’ll also go much deeper than that. As an empath, I work on an intuitive level, accessing all the potential within you that you may not even be conscious of. 

This is my favourite part of this work. Holding the vision of your true self so that you can embody it with true style.

Lastly, I’m a big believer in the magic of sisterhood. And that’s what I have created in the True Style Journey. I’ll hold a safe circle for you and our small, intimate group. A space where we can come together, share our transformation and support & lift one another up.

Embracing Change
True Style Journey follows a powerful transformational style process I have developed and evolved over many years with my clients. Over our time together, you’ll learn about and come to embody these 6 pillars:

1 - Style confidence

You’ll start by tapping into the true style that’s within you. Here’s where the magic begins:

  • Go deep to uncover the woman rising in you and understand how this future-you wants to express herself visually. 
  • Align the external and internal to hone in on a style that will suit you inside and out.
  • Dream, gather inspiration and tap into your intuition, creating looks which resonate with AND flatter you. 

2 - Colour confidence

You’ll learn how colour works and why it’s so important to understand your own colouring:

  • Receive your own digital colour palette, showing you your best colours for hair and makeup, jewellery, accessories, and clothing. 
  • Discover the psychology behind your colour choices, quiet your inner critic and begin a daily kind-eyes practice
  • Learn how to use your colour palette to build a smaller, more versatile capsule wardrobe, making shopping faster and more successful.

3 - Body confidence

You’ll build a stronger connection with your body, see yourself afresh and learn how to rock what you’ve got: 

  • Learn about fabric, cut, scale and proportions. Easily identify the best styles for your body and face shape. 
  • Understand the myth of the ‘ideal body’ and start to feel good about the body you’re in and the journey it’s taken with you. 
  • Create your own detailed personal style guidelines with my loving support.

4 - Wardrobe confidence

You’ll start to release the past and put what you’ve learned into practice:

  • Let go of what no longer serves you and create space in your wardrobe (and your life) for the new you to emerge. 
  • Learn how to create a capsule-wardrobe plan that fits your life and budget.
  • Start to experience real transformation as you let go of the past and step into this new version of you.

5 - Shopping confidence

You’ll begin the process of creating your new style, starting with a few key pieces that will make a huge difference:

  • Receive my extensive personal Source Book for sustainable style you can feel good about wearing. 
  • Source items online or in-store, sharing your finds in the group and getting feedback to make this ‘new you’ a very tangible reality. 

6 - Styling confidence

In this final module, you’ll learn how to style like a pro with playful curiosity: 

  • Create new outfits from old, mix and match, learn how to style like a pro, accessorise and work with contrast. 
  • Have fun celebrating one another, your new friendships, knowledge and the journey we’ve taken together. 
  • Close our circle with clear goals to continue living and expressing your own True Style.

Your True Style Journey

What you receive

✓ 5 month True Style Journey programme

✓ 6 x learning modules with video tutorials & practical assignments to work through at your pace

✓ 6 x live group coaching calls via Zoom

✓ Private Facebook group to share and ask questions between the LIVE coaching calls

✓ A beautiful sisterhood of women who’ll be sharing this incredible journey with you.

✓ Accountability group of 3-4 women. Your style sisters who ‘get’ you and your style.

✓ Digital colour palettes & colour analysis for handy reference when shopping.

✓ Plus expert masterclasses in beauty, make-up & hair

Bonus Sustainable Style Book

Sustainable Style E-Sourcebook

You’ll get access to all my favourite online ethical & sustainable sources.

This is my little black book of the best places to shop.

With sections covering budget, mid-range and high-end options.

Including charity and vintage shops, preloved boutiques, high-street brands, and independent designers online, local and international.

Ready to join me on your journey?

Choose a Pricing Option

Want to talk it through?

If you’d like to speak to me about whether this is the right programme for you, book a free 20-minute call with me here:

Any questions?

When does the programme start?

The programme starts with the first Zoom call on February 1st 2023.

When are the live calls?

The monthly 75-minute live Zoom calls are currently set for 1pm GMT on the following dates. (Call times may occasionally be altered to better meet the needs of all members time zones).

Wednesday 1st February

Wednesday 1st March

Wednesday 29th March

Wednesday 26th April

Wednesday 24th May

Wednesday 21st June

How long do I get access to the course materials?

You’ll have access to the learning resources for 6 months. All resources are downloadable including your personal colour palettes, digital colour profile and Sustainable Style e-book.

What happens if I can’t make the live calls? 

Don't worry. All calls are recorded so you can catch up in your own time. All course content is covered outside of the group calls in pre-recorded video modules. Our sharing circles on Zoom are a special part of the journey and I know you’ll love spending this time with the other wonderful women in the group. We also connect throughout the programme via the private Facebook group. 

Will I fit in?

We are none of us here to "fit in" but you will certainly belong. By sharing in circle we experience how connected we really are, how much we have in common and how beautifully unique we are. We ALL belong. If you’re nervous, book a 1:1 clarity call with me. This is a safe inclusive space to express ALL of who you are, regardless of age, body shape, sexuality or any other "labels". Especially when ‘you’ is shifting and changing and you’re feeling a bit vulnerable. This is why we come together. Together we are strong.

What’s the time commitment like?

This programme is created for busy women and conscious leaders to fit around work, parenting and, you know, life!

The True Style Journey is a tried and tested 6-module transformational programme within a very intimate, safely-held and loving 5-month container. So you have lots of time and space to make this upgrade within your existing busy schedule.

You do NOT need to show up every week. All learning modules are pre-recorded so you take them in your own time. The only dates you need to put in your diary are the 6 x Live group Zoom calls and even these will be recorded so don't worry if you have a clash.

We have a private Facebook group where you can share and ask questions anytime during the programme.

Each member is assigned a smaller peer support pod of 3-4 women within the larger circle. Pods stay connected and accountable to one another throughout the programme. These are your True Style sisters, the ones who really 'get' you and champion you every step of the way.

Aside from all of this support and guidance you also have 2 x 1:1 Zoom check-ins with me at key transformation points in the program.

The process is in two parts. The first 3 modules are all about discovering your True Style and what colours and fabrics and styles really work for you on every level. I recommend scheduling 3 hours for each of these modules. You could do this over 3 consecutive weeks or one module each fortnight for example.

The last 3 modules are where the transformation happens. This is where you are supported to release all that no longer serves you from your wardrobe (and life) and fully embody your True Style. These 3 modules are all experiential, so you could do a regular couple of hours each week or block out a couple of days a month to deep dive into your wardrobe, shopping and styling for example. I can help you find the best way for YOU.

You’ll be amazed at the transformation!

Any other questions?

Email me here and I’ll be happy to answer them. Or book a free call with me to talk them through.